We are Manthaargiri movers and packers in Coimbatore helping our clients to have smooth and safe house siftings and office shifting.  We are moving experts also providing packing services all year round.  Whether its summer, winter or monsoon our shifting services never stops. 

Here are 15 useful tips for our customers while house or office shifting during monsoons. 

1.     Know all about the new place

Knowing all about the city you are moving is the most important step. Do a thorough research about the place’s weather conditions,  management, how does monsoon affects the new place. You may face issues like leakage,  water logging or damp during rainy weather.  Make a visit to new place to make sure everything is inspected at first place. 

2.     Waterproof packaging of goods

Use plastic bags,  bubble wraps,  and zip lock bags while house shifting during monsoon to protect your goods from water and damage.  Check for tears and cracks of the packing supplies to avoid any loss and use sheets and large clothes to cover wooden furniture.

3.     Protect your essentials

The things most at risk during rainy season is documents and important papers,  keep your IDs and bank proofs covered properly. Carry power banks,  chargers and torches if your mobile runs out of battery.  Support yourself with tissues and towels. 

4.     Keep Umbrella and raincoat in handy

Keep the supplies like umbrella and raincoat near you to protect yourself from rain and avoid being sick during house shifting or office shifting. Umbrellas, boots and raincoats should be in a bag always top on your items during emergency. 

5.     Use monsoon footwear

While moving and shifting you must protect yourself from slipping, mud and water. Wear footwear like gum boots and skid proof to work easily and walk freely during monsoon. 

6.     Hire packers and movers for convenience

Hire moving experts providing shifting services for handling your lots of household items from one place to another place during rainy season to avoid chaotic situation. Packers and movers have right tools and equipment to make moving task easy. 

7.     Clean and wash your clothes in advance

Avoid carrying damped clothes and the smell of it. Wash your clothes in advance to have time to dry them before the rain and excess humidity hits the weather while you shift from one place to another.

8.     Hire enclosed truck

Ensure that you have enclosed vehicle delivering your goods safely without being wet and damaged due to rainy weather from one  your current location to your new shifting location. Hire company which support you with enclosed vehicles during heavy downpour to avoid leakage and loss. 

9.     Always track your goods online

Keep yourself updated with the current location of your household items,  because rainy weather means high congestion of traffic and potholes. Hire company like Manthaargiri movers and packers providing you with the facility of online tracking of goods. 

10.  Use insurance for your goods

Moving and shifting during monsoon means uncertainties and haphazard situations. Insure your household items to avoid loss and expense.

11.  Cover the floorings

Cover your floors with clothes or non-slippery plastic which will aid you while preparing to move or unloading the items at new place. 

12.  Always do the loading and unloading under a roof

Loading and unloading is itself a challenging task which needs skills and care.  Always load and unload goods under a roof or shed to avoid the rain to make the task more difficult to perform. 

13.  Start early and Avoid busy schedule

Always take extra time in hand and start your journey early especially during monsoon season as it will take time for you to reach your destination in rainy weather like start in early hours of morning to avoid traffic. 

Always move three four days before in monsoon days or in any season if you have to join work place or school at new place. 

14.  Plan in advance with all the facts

You need a handful of time to plan about things while moving during season as it needs extra care and have different challenges to be faced.  Thus,  avoid hectic planning or last time plan.

15.  Always be ready to implement PLAN B

Be ready with an alternative way if anything does not go according to the plan during the monsoon. There can be delay in transportation or high alerts. Always have a backup plan like water transport or air transport to avoid delays. 


 Rainy season can be the best season to enjoy the day with hot beverage and snacks but it can be a nightmare when you have to relocate at new place. You may face damaged items,  potholes, poor roads, no sun,  and traffic.  There may be situation where you had to move during monsoon season and had to overcome challenges.

Above are some useful tips that can be implemented while house shifting or office shifting during rainy season.  Manthaargiri packers and movers in Coimbatore are moving experts providing house shifting services and packing services to help you during the difficult time. The mover and packer company must be hired to ease your shifting task with best tools and equipment to deliver your household items or office items safely at the new destination during monsoon.  It takes care about water proofing, damage,  leakage and loss. The company also takes every precautions and plan things according to the weather for timely house shifting services and moving services.