The charges for packing and moving depend on multiple factors and vary from company to company. Some companies charge more while others charge less. The charges also depend on the number of items you are shifting, the time you are shifting or the distance from the place you are shifting to the place you are shifting. There are a lot of packers and movers in Coimbatore, among them you can consider Mantharagiri Packers Movers in Coimbatore who charge reasonable prices for their quality services. They try to give their clients the best services and are always open to any issues or queries. Their motto is to not only make their clients satisfied with their service but also look after their expenses. Here are some of the factors that affect the packing and shifting charge.

Size of your Home

The house shifting service charges depend on the size of your home. 1BHK or 2BHK costs less shifting charge than a proper house shift as the items and furniture in an apartment will require fewer trucks to carry than house furniture and items. It will also require less manpower and effort than an entire house to complete the shift.

Size of Truck

Again the size of the truck also depends upon the number of items and furniture you want to shift. Fewer and small items will require a small truck whereas large, heavy and more items will require a larger truck or maybe more than one truck. So according to the size of the truck, the house or office shifting charges will change.

Manpower Requirement

Manpower requirement is an important factor to decide the charge for your entire move. The more the number of manpower the more will be the total cost. For a small shift, you need less manpower whereas for a larger shift you need more manpower. The average manpower labour charge is generally Rs. 900 per head, so you can calculate the total cost depending on the no of manpower you need.

Distance of shifting

Distance plays an important role in the entire process. The longer the distance to complete the entire shifting and packing service the more will be the total cost and vice versa. For a longer distance, there will be more fuel burn for the vehicle and a lesser distance will take less fuel so the price will automatically be more for a long-distance shift. Most of the time distance becomes a key factor for deciding the total charge.

Packing Cost

Packing cost depends on the number of goods you belong to and want to shift. More belongings will require more cartoons to get filled in and vice versa. So for more items, the packaging charge will be more. You need more cartoons and more space in your shifting vehicle and for fewer items, the packing cost will be less.

Local Moving or long distance shifting

Local shifting services will cost fewer charges than long distance shifting. Long-distance moving needs more time and more fuel requirement for the shifting vehicle whereas local shifting means lesser distance so less fuel requirement for the shifting vehicle.

Manthargiri Packers and Movers in Coimbatore will help you with your entire shifting process at an affordable price. The moving experts in their team responsible complete the whole job with giving you their quality service. Their charges are reasonable and they are very transparent with the breakup of the whole money requirement from their clients. You can choose them to get the best service at a reasonable price. 

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