The term GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. There are three types of GST’s Central GST, State GST, and Integrated GST. GST is also charged on house shifting services and the rates are different for both domestic shifting and international shifting. Moving or Shifting is an expensive process. There are several expenses that variers depending on various factors but one thing that remains constant is the GST charges. Whenever you need any type of packing or shifting service, there is a particular amount of GST Rate that you must know. For any type of packaging, lifting, moving, assembly or disassembly, or transportation there is an 18% of GST that is charged along with 5% of extra GST for shipping.

GST rates for Domestic Shifting

There are different GST slabs for domestic shifting. The standard GST for packaging snd shifting is as follows:

GST for Transporataion is 5%

GST for Transit Insurance is 18%

GST rates for Packers and movers is 18%

What is the correct GST rate for moving and packing?

Generally, the tax rate for moving and packing comes under the 18% GST slab. For house shifting service, there are a lot of packages where you will get the total support without taking any load on yourself. There are experts who will do everything easily and efficiently. And for all these the GST rate is 18%. Many customers complain about the GST rate for moving and packing is 5% on many online platforms. But 5% GST is only applicable when users are taking only the transportation services for moving and packing. Hence you should make sure not to pay more than 5% if you aren’t opting for the full service and only the transport.

How to search for the GST rates for Shifting and Packing services?

There are numerous web pages where you will find information about shifting and packing service GST rates. You can search by entering your required keyword. While you search remember to mention all details in the essential fields of the webpage, there will be too many options so choose the exact one you are looking for. For example, if you enter the phrase “street transport”, you will find results related to transportation under vehicles, so put the current keyword for an effective search.    

GST Registration Confirmation

The packers and movers just have a valid GST number. So before contacting any packer makes sure to check all the GST information, facts and their rates or else there might be fake people who will charge unnecessary excessive amount and you might get cheated.